Sunday, November 24, 2013

To my dearest.

 Hey boy,

I hope you had nice time spending them with us for more than ten years. I never had experienced a beloved pet leaving me since young with a duration of time spending together.
I know you like eating snack like the picture at the bottom. You are one that jump whenever and wherever possible to show us that you are happy and you enjoy playing with us and maybe that is the reason why we forget the age of you. You never failed trying to make this family happy and you never failed waving your tail until the very day you felt so sick but we never realised. I am so sorry if I did not put all my responsibility taking care of you but boy, you know what? YOU SERVED US WELL.
I hope the rest of the pets accompany you and not bullying you on the way to your other world. PLEASE, take good care of my beloved boy boy. He might like to ohh liu (pee) here and there which we taught him for so long but he just loved to do so. (silly smile) Its okay boy if you re in the house but not outside anymore, please behave yourself and take good good care of yourself without us by your side.
You will always be remembered with lots love.

Good night my sweet heart :') I will always love you.