Sunday, November 24, 2013

To my dearest.

 Hey boy,

I hope you had nice time spending them with us for more than ten years. I never had experienced a beloved pet leaving me since young with a duration of time spending together.
I know you like eating snack like the picture at the bottom. You are one that jump whenever and wherever possible to show us that you are happy and you enjoy playing with us and maybe that is the reason why we forget the age of you. You never failed trying to make this family happy and you never failed waving your tail until the very day you felt so sick but we never realised. I am so sorry if I did not put all my responsibility taking care of you but boy, you know what? YOU SERVED US WELL.
I hope the rest of the pets accompany you and not bullying you on the way to your other world. PLEASE, take good care of my beloved boy boy. He might like to ohh liu (pee) here and there which we taught him for so long but he just loved to do so. (silly smile) Its okay boy if you re in the house but not outside anymore, please behave yourself and take good good care of yourself without us by your side.
You will always be remembered with lots love.

Good night my sweet heart :') I will always love you.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

屋塔房王世子 Rooftop Prince

The drama that fulfilled my temporary boredom and meh =)

They said, once in a while girls may have this chance to cry out loud and as much as they want by watching a good good touchy drama. I have been searching and a searching until i found this drama the rooftop prince. I never had the want to watch korean drama again untl I found this drama.

The storyline is about the prince was trying to find out why his wife died in no trace and evidence. Due to the strength of wanting to find out the reason of the dead, the time brought him to present. He was surprised that he has to chance meeting his wife but unfortunately the wife didnt recognise him all ways. He was wondering was it could be like that and he started to get into the life of his in the present time.

Meanwhile getting into his present life, he actually fell in love with a girl and the girl was his old time wife's younger sister. He thought how could this happen when the past time he was with his wife. He never believe it until he found out her wife's cruelty. Knowing her wicked mind as his wife's sister suppose to get married with him instead of herself.

Until the time, the prince has to go back to his era after he found out his wife was the one who indirectly murdered his "fiancee". A very touchy scene then showed, the prince left the girl and he went back to his castle, prince tasks back, but but but....they both can still listen and feel each other even they have got gap.

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Recruiting the new blood!

Hey guys, sorry again neglecting the blog for so so long..
I'm currently working in a recruiting firm (Adecco Personnel) where I need lots lots lots lots of candidates for working.
Therefore, if you are just at the right time, looking for a job, please contact me via 012-6226936 (Kay)
Please do not think this is a spam or some lousy message! I am doing it for you!

Job available in immediate action,
Customer Service Executive RM2,200 -RM2,600
Located at PJ area (Menara PKNS)

I will update with you with more information. =)

Stay tuned.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Dining In the Dark KL

Guys, I am very excited and enthusiastic to write down this great dinner experience before I forget the step by step and the process of the it.

Well, few weeks before, my cousin sister told me about a restaurant she is about to try which called "dining in the dark". I thought of the restaurant try to figure what was it about and I remembered a chef I knew roughly told me about the story of dining in the dark in Zurich, Switzerland who his son was planning to try it. Okay, since I missed that in Switzerland when I was still there having my last internship and well, after my cousin talked about it. Hmm, I decided to experience this once in my life thus I start grabbing my buddy and partner to join me experiencing this fantastic dinner. How to make reservation? How I started was, I called via a mobile number for booking and the staff asked my for email address to send me the confirmation and it was done just like that.

The restaurant was kind of hidden, it was on the second floor and it is along the way of Changkat, Bukit Bintang. For me, it was a bit hard for me to find this dining place however I called for assistance, they waved at me to lead me to the restaurant and so I arrived. We went up to the waiting lobby and soon a staff came to us and ask us what we would like for drink, they showed us a game and asked us to blind fold ourselves to complete the task. After awhile, they start asking us to prepare ourselves and get ready for the dinner for instance, make sure you went to the toilet and make sure your electric gadgets and anything involve lights are kept or stored in the lockers they provided. Then, we were being lead hand on shoulder of each other and enter the dark dark dining room. Guys! Total darkness, you can't even see what's around and what you can hear was the cutlery and the CCTV red lights. A serving crew will bring us one by one to our seat and give us an orientation of the thing placed on the table. Then, we start serving us food.

Throughout the dinner time, they will tell you position of your food without telling you what are they therefore, you will be able to experience and try food that you normally do not consume but eating it without fear. I personally think that this is a very good experience as this gave me a reason and peacefulness of eating AND nobody can play their SMARTPHONES during dinner time which I kinda hate it you know...

There were 3 courses fine dining and the duration was about one and a half to two hours time, the serving crew said that we were eating too fast HAHA. The crews were friendly and nice the service was excellent and I enjoyed having dinner there very much. I would definitely recommend this to my friends and family. Finally it came to an end, we were brought out from the dark dark dining room, the crew told us not to open our eyes too quickly as we stayed in the dark for quite a long time and we need some time to adapt to the lights. We were given a paper asking about the ingredients and the contents in the food we just ate and of course suggestions for the dining in the future.

We asked the serving crew about the establishment of Dining In the Dark KL, surprisingly it only opened for not more than a year. Furthermore, we were curious about the crews serving us well, they were all well-trained serving us of course, you will need to avoid crashing with them because the serving crew do not have anything
 assisting them except the feelings! They feel it whenever they serve you, I'm pretty proud of them working in this dining room, it is a very unique dining experience and I love it very much!

Keep it up, you are doing great!
XOXO, your guest.

Monday, May 13, 2013

happy mommy's day!

I know I can never pay back how much my mom has given to me, I love you mom.
I won't boast my mom too much =) however, I feel blessed to have her in my life. No doubt everyone must be saying their moms are the best and her mom is superwoman etc. Well, to be honest, which mom doesn't pamper and treasure their kids? Moms can never be judged and compared because mom only treat their family good! This year, we three sisters replaced mom's old printed towels with this mom irene towel. She claimed that, these towels are only for her at any time or place, she also said that whenever she is away from home these two towels will be the spirit for her to continue her mission until she accomplish and come home, I touched =')
Well, this present was not that luxurious but we know she will be using these towels everyday everywhere any second on the bed, in the toilet.
I sometimes wonder, how can my mom doing house chores, business, cooking, planting, sewing non-stop? How can she do that till the extend? I was nagging and mumbling and scolding my family members because of the house chores as I was doing the laundry for 5 members everyday. Think about it, I have only completed a part of them and I started nagging..bilibalabilibala...MY MOM? she just smile and continue hers. One time, I was so pissed that I shouted I want to get married and stay away from a home where the people living inside do nothing! Yea, I didn't got paid with the extra thing that I do at home but why must I do all these things while they are just like my customers paying me for laundry but FOC? Hmm, but my mom just told me, "ha ha, I have been doing these ever since you guys were born!" tsk tsk. I have always wonder if I could become quarter of my mother of managing things, that would be enough for me. I want her mission, spirit, energy, where do they come from? What makes her think that she has to keep doing it without pausing? With the movement everytime, I got so nervous and restless just to wish to help her completing half of her task BUT....her taskssssssss = infinity.
She is a supermom just like other mothers, she is willing to contribute to make our lives easier and simpler, oh more comfortable..but sometimes she is a bit bossy too i believe every mother should be like that too and she will start scolding us for not making things right, not listening to her, not having dinner with her all nights, and not going out with her during Sundays (family day). 
Every mother will ass through the stage where they will feel insecure because all of her kids has grown up and they are having their own life, HOWEVER,, remember to take care of your parents and always accompany them whenever they need you, drag out some time for them just to make them happy =) will live longer alone without them than be by their side.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

New Online Shop Launching JUST KL!

The company that established for more than 20 years has decided to launch a new little online shopping in Facebook - MishMash Corner. This is a "online-testing" shop for Malaysians  analysing the popularity of selling specific items will satisfy the customers. MishMash Corner has been created for about 2 months and is proud to continue the business until it gets flying color in sales.
So..what does MishMash Corner trying to do?

So, this is the little poster that you will see in Facebook, the official MishMash Corner online shop. The reason why the name "MishMash" is created because the current shop located in Petaling Street is selling variety of items everyone is looking for, the shop has unbelievable wide range of items selling such as party/event products (wigs, hats, confetti, any sort of uniform/attire etc.). Moreover, there are girls' accessories (nails, beauty, hair, bags), stickers, mobile phone case, stationary, pearls and beads you name it.
Thus, MishMash Corner is created as the concept of the online store is to satisfy the shoppers with anything they are trying to search for.
The online store is launching only in Malaysia if statistics has reached, MishMash Corner will decide to deliver internationally. We really need your support shopping with us and you won't be regret!

This is one of the product selling in MishMash Corner, this is a luggage or baggage tag that you can easily put on your bags or cases avoid bag lost.

Besides that, MishMash Corner also promoting wooden paper clip. As we know that, we are trying "vintage and retro back to school" time, most of us are having polaroid and fujifilm, we want to show and present our little photo well. So, this is the set of wooden paper clip attached with string that you can easily tie them at anywhere you like in your room and start decorating your polaroid photos every corner of your comfy zone.

MishMash also promote this funky punk wrist band, trendy and cool!

Many times, I was hoping I could have tonnes of "bling bling" stickers in my room where I could probably start sticking them around my phone case, computer, notebook, pen, anything I could think of! MishMash Corner is also selling variety of this bling bling which you can stick them at simple wherever you like!

I hope you will support and maybe visit us one time or twice.
MishMash Corner. =)

Saturday, March 09, 2013

the 22nd Birthday of mine

7th March of the year, again now I am getting older. It is really an unbelievable thing for me to think of, what? Because I am getting OLDER! Well, I understand that in fact that everyone will go through every single part of their life, from infant adolescence, teenage, matured, middle, so on that I don't want to think about them. The moment when my friends came for the dinner 3 days before at Publika, they hold presents and they are about to give me. At the moment, I felt so huge in age and no doubt that I still can't accept the fact that I am definitely growing. I didn't want to accept the presents because I felt a bit kiddy to accept presents at some point, when I was young, I wish for many presents as possible during my birthday because having presents during birthday party seems COOL! haha. As time goes by, I start to get afraid and worry of being a fresh graduate, the fact that I finally completed my "basic study-life" and I need to start searching for job and opening accounts, cards, bills and more burdens which called "another chapter" by a friend of mine. haha, he said slightly same things as I mentioned as we didn't realise how old we are right now and the fact that we need to accept. =\
Being a young kid is the best moment ever when I can run away from school, do not need to get worried about money matter, what I need to do is just keeping up my work results and make my parents to be proud of what I was doing. Now, this is what my mom said, "your wings are equipped, grown well, you can start to fly!", but I don't want to fly so far I just want to make sure my family members are in good condition and we can still hang out and have fun like before.
I have no huge and impossible wish however my wishes are "keep them safe" =) It might only happen to myself about not wanting to throw big parties like younger time, do not want to spend much time and wasting them in useless matters, I started not having a permanent "fans and singer" thing where I always need to spend money for their albums, discs, autographs and waiting for their autographs session queuing up like he  or she is gonna be mine at any seconds em, "b*tch please!" The moment when I was trying to be mad and crazy for singers and concerts, he teased and claimed that I bought a pirated collection to ask for his signature during the autographs session when I was 17, but well, I think it is a bit ridiculous for people, think about it, if I really admire your musics I wouldn't get a pirated collection and queuing up for 1000 years just for your signature. That hurts me a lot, I spend almost all my secondary allowance for you, and guess what? I got a "is this a pirated collection" sentence back from you, well, thank you very much. Oh, I wish you good luck in your coming concert in Genting too.
Come back to my old chapter, leaving my hometown and fly all the way to a distance of 14 hours country wasn't that easy for me especially that was the time when I had just finished my secondary school. Then, in Switzerland I arrived, I decided to study a course which I am interested in and thus hospitality and tourism management it is. I spent my "most important growing-transforming" time in Switzerland where I learned a lot from differentiating friends, studies, goods, bads, careers, humans and behaviours. I didn't say it was hard, it wasn't not easy either. There I started with a secondary friend studying the same school with me and slowly he jumped course and I hardly have time to get worried of him. Therefore, I have to start my own circle, from an anti-social to a person who I have to start learning to communicate and talk to people around me to keep away my fear in order to continue my life overseas, I made it. =)
And now, here I am back again to fight for my new about yours? =)

 me, STeng, EHo, ALiew, HSLoh
Woon, TChock, Me, EHo, ETan, MHLiew

P/s: Thanks for celebrating with me =) I had great time!

Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Universal Studio Singapore 2013

Hi Universal Studio! My family and I were there when Chinese New Year is still going on. I never been to a Universal Studio and Singapore's is the first one. ATTENTION! There is shuttle bus going around the listed hotels to Universal Studio which you don't need to pay a single cent to ride the bus, ONLY for the foreigners, pretty cool stuff. Remember to attached your "custom paper" the one that they teared off after you go through the custom. Basically, we went to Hilton Hotel which is nearest to our hotel to take the shuttle bus to Universal Studio.

 A great picture taken with Oscar =)
 That day's weather was pretty bad, raining and lighting strike, and that is how i look like. hahah.

 Welcome to the Universal Studio

There are something I must tell about the theme parks, remember to get into the Madagascar "tour-around" where you can rest while walking after a long period. After that, take photo with the Madagascar characters and walk to the 4D cinema where you can enjoy the movie about Shrek. Going the next stop, Jurassic Park where dinosaurs are everywhere, play with the flying dinosaurs and grab some nice lunch around there. Then, continue with the "Jeep-tour-around" you can drive the little jeep by yourself and tour around the park. Come to the roller-coaster which has blue and red line i apologised as i forgot the name of the rides but it required good-health-riders. Last but not least, of course taking a family photo in front of Optimus Prime then get into their special "ride", that is the most interesting ride for me. Enjoy!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Taipei 310113

Hi Taipei, this is the first Asia country that I am travelling (alone) with my bestie. So well, I have always wanted to visit Taiwan and now my dream comes true. I like Taiwan because of their dramas, the artists, the culture, food and maybe small little places where seldom people realised and wanted to go. I still remember I was rushing for 恶魔在身边 and 七年级生 etc. without having proper sleep till the next day to school. Acting like the actresses in the scene when I was in the school and so on also, rushing and being mad fans of singers following their tv programs. Well, I would say these are all teenagers' activities and I am sure they would like to visit to Taiwan too. I am basically inspired by these group of artists who I think they really gave out and putting some results for themselves unlike some now who are a fresh artist who came out for just a period and I don't even know what is his/her name? Hmm, I think working in this entertainment huge industry must really show something they are keen on at least they can play some song, composing or directing? 

Well too far far away, come back to my trip now, before I was searching where and which part of Taiwan should I go in order to satisfy my curiosity however, my bestie and I chose Taipei. So, the first day we arrived at about 4 or 5pm in the afternoon and we straight go back to the hotel BUT you can always find a 民宿 which is houses owned by the residents however they modified them into accommodation that they can take tourists to stay with them. I think staying in their house can truly realise how they live and meanwhile knowing more of their culture. I think, I will take their home-stay instead the next time if I would have chance to visit Taiwan again. Our hotel is right behind Xi Men Ding, em..not really pleasant but it was still all right for me though because what I always think is I am staying in the hotel for sleeping and cleaning up myself thus, I don't really mind staying in a small room, but well...who does not like a 5 stars hotel right? At night, we were so hungry after putting down our luggage, we straight ran to Xi Men Ding to find something great to fill up our stomach we found duck noodle, it was not my type haha but acceptable. After that, we shopped around Xi Men Ding for fashions and ladies' favourite nourishing face masks. What I would like to say is, Xi Men Ding is the street where you can find the latest trend of fashion and with reasonable price, try to bargain I mean in a polite and reasonable value of money (according to a Taiwanese friend). The street is quite huge and it opens everyday how I wish there is one like that in KL =)

All right and the next day, we came to this place near 龙山寺 to have our breakfast. This is kind of a "Loh-Mee" with seafood is their "snack" in Taiwan. It was 50NTD for big one if im not mistaken. LongShan Temple is quite a famous temple where people were praying, of course I did mine too because new year is coming. Following with this 自由广场 where you can see real big big space in the middle with national musical building and opera house for performing, it gave me a "waaao" when I arrived at the train station. Oh by the way, we bought this Taipei Tour train ticket I forgot what its called, you can reload into your train ticket when you do not have enough credit, the cashier was polite you can always ask them for further information about the train ticket. And then, we finally reached this Miramar shopping mall where there is "Taipei-Eye" over there, it was 150NTD about that to get up to the ferris wheel, worth a visit. That goes our day, the day at night we went Shi Lin night market for eating eating and I met my friend Marton who was having internship in Regent. We had fun, foot massage shouting and continue eating after the massage and shopping again. Well, I would say you must request for extra capacity for luggage if you are a female and you are coming with a purpose like me - shopping and eating. Haha. Remember to buy some 凤梨酥 (pineapple tart) on the way back. P/s: so you don't need to carry them when you are going along the shi lin street. 

This is the Long Shan Temple that I mentioned before.

This is the Xi Men Ding Red House where there are a lot of unique and great things in the building.

The Third day of Taipei
It was drizzling, cloudy and it seemed not happy, i mean the weather. We met up with a Taiwanese friend at first and we decided to go to Taipei 101 for a bet to see if we could get up for a good view. Unfortunately, the weather was not that pleasant, we took a picture or two and we headed to Yang Ming Shan a place where you can see almost the full scenery of Taipei. Quite windy and dull, we waited for a seat in the Restaurant The Top for about half an hour because we expected to get a table which will not wet us if the rain really comes. There was also the room where you can rent off they call it 包厢, additional fees will be charged of course, well, the view from the restaurant was fantastic while the food was just acceptable. So basically if you are going to The Top Restaurant try not to bring lots hope in the food maybe? You can still try....So yea, Yang Ming Shan was quite cool though for the sunset because it was really nice and i fall in love with the scenery like the picture below.

At night, we did not give up for the Taipei 101 and we again drove back to the building and bought tickets to get up. Taipei 101 was amazing i would say? The building does not matter the size and sculpture and inner and outer layer of the whole building. It was pretty good experience for me to visit Taipei 101, double good for Taiwan *smile smile. We were too tired on that day perhaps the weather? We decided to go back and walk along the street of our hotel instead of night life experiencing.

The Last Day in Taiwan
This place is called 九份 Jiu Fen, you can try checking website about this place and check how to get there by bus as I can see there were bus going up to this place. Well, I was lucky enough because my bestie's friend was the one who brought us up to this place. For me, Jiu Fen is like an Asian Santorini where you can see there were a lot of houses along the way up to the hill and meanwhile looking at the nice sunset again. This little town gave me a new feeling of vintage world where you can still experience the olden days with the culture and the setting in Jiu Fen, no wonder my bestie keep asking me to go. This is basically a street where you can sit down and relax the whole day, you can buy Taiwan's souvenirs in this place too. Try not to come during the weekends because it was so packed and stuffy when I walked along the street.

The Taipei 101.

Oh by the way, on the left the handsome was the one who brought us, thanks for the hospitality in Taipei hope to see you again when I come back to Taiwan.
Oh, this is another place we arrived at on that day when we were in Jiu Fen. Well, this place was a place where they find golds so basically, Jiu Fen is a place where it can be called as the gold mountain for olden days. We were happy to get up and see how it works and how they managed to bring golds from one place to another during our ancestors' time. This place is 金瓜石.

Well, so soon yet so fun. Reluctant to fly back home with 5 hours sitting up straight seat hmmm... After this trip, I think what attracted me most was the sunsets and the incredible landmarks that I have been. I am sure i will be going to Taiwan again next time whenever I have time to plan for my trip.
Ready for bed time story right now =)
Great night.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Disneyland Paris on Christmas 2012

Disneyland Paris I went with my good good friend last christmas. This is the second Disneyland I've been to. Paris Disneyland was great compared to Hong Kong one but I am sure they added more plays in Hong Kong Disneyland now. Everything ran smooth and efficient just some queue ups as that day was a Christmas Eve however, the Disney Dreams which people are looking forward to has delayed for an hour. Gosh, I really hate it because I would have gone to another plays before coming back but the staffs there only announced the technical problem ten minutes before the problem was fixed. Tsk tsk, and that was the day we spent in Disneyland Paris.

The next day, we went to walk around in Paris city center but obviously there were nothing much because I don't like Paris that much perhaps the surrounding area and the people I met in Paris, they seemed to be impolite and it was not very clean. Furthermore, it seems to be a very romantic place for couple and the advertisement tourism promotion stated it too. In fact, the surrounding area of Eiffel Tower was with mud and little holes along the way, it is a tourist destination and should be clean and nice I supposed? =\

Disneyland, a fantasy land where the girls would like to visit. =]